Return portal

Give your customers a great return experience and encourage them to buy again.

Return Portal

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The Webshipper return portal is easy to integrate, style, and use in your own webshop – turn the tedious return process into an easy and straightforward process.

It gives your customers a simple, online opportunity for returns, and you will get the information before receiving the product.

Handle returns easily

Easily online returns – makes you stay on top.

Custom tracking 

Notifications for customers and invaluable overview.

Choose items

Customers easily choose which items to return.

Optimize return handling

Let the return portal handle and process your returns fast and efficiently. As your company grows, so does the returns. Many returns can be tricky to handle – Webshipper provides an invaluable overview.

Give your customers a world-class return experience

Optimize your returning customer base with an easy to use return portal. Let customers return in a nearby parcel shop and automatically send shipping labels via mail.

Build your own custom return portal

Enrich your workflow by building your own custom return portal. Setup reasons for returning and let your customers choose which items to return.

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